Increase your market value with a worthwhile logo

Posted By Ida Hanson on Jul 20, 2015 |

Human psychology works on the path of a unique understanding. The market is flooded with companies and brands. Each day a new product is being devised to fight competition. The market races demand these firms to be ahead of the race so that they generate a maximum sale.

Now, if we take the first line into consideration, then it signifies that human being can grasp the value of only those products or companies with which they can relate to. The only way to relate is by a particular logo which umbrellas a brand or a company. 2015-07-20 16-16-53

What is a logo?

Popularly known as an emblem or symbol it is majorly utilized for promotion. It is mainly brought into use by commercial enterprises, firms or an individual.

Advantages of a symbol

Well, there are more than just single benefits of having a logo designed for your company or firm. The advantage goes like this:

  • It aids in giving a unique identity to your product, brand or firm. Often termed as the face of your company or brand
  • It becomes an identity mark on cards, websites, product packs, or letterheads, etc
  • It also helps the customers to recognise your firm or brand in the market
  • It increases your brand value in the market reflecting your credibility and authenticity
  • It is a short way to refer to your company in advertising and marketing

After having read about the logo and its advantages, you should also know certain principles that you should follow to design a logo. How to make a good logo? This is one question that needs an apt understanding as well as a creative approach. 2015-07-20 16-18-02

Process to follow to make a good logo

A distinct symbol is a practical, graphic and simple formulation of conveying the owners message. Here are few guidelines that you should keep in mind to design an effective logo:

  • Follow the logo process which demands for
    • Design Brief by the client
    • Research on the brief given for your better understanding
    • Conceptualising and sketching the logo in rough
    • Client approval for the same
    • Reflection and designing
  • A concept should be definitely behind an effective logo which should encompass the firm’s message
  • Execution of the framed idea should be done exactly as outlined
  • The colour combination used should be not too gaudy or too simple
  • It should be able to be printed at any size
  • Simplicity should be prime motive while designing a logo
  • It should also be describable in nature
  • The design should be versatile and should have the captivating power to be memorable
  • It should be timeless, meaning to say it should be easy to last for more than 20 years at a go
  • Lastly, it should definitely be appropriate. This means that it should suit the product as well as the target audience it intends to cater

A striking symbol can be outlined by hiring a good designer for the same. Hence keep your options open, even if you need to shell out money for this. 2015-07-20 16-18-52